Honest2Goodness House Cleaning and Personal Organizing services

About Honest2Goodness House Cleaning and Professional Organizing 

Honest2Goodness House Cleaning and Organizing is about just that, simplifying your life! Clutter and disorganization causes stress, but organizing takes time and it’s impossible to stay on top of everything. That’s were we come in!

Sheila and Amanda Shriver, the founder and owner's of Honest2Goodness House Cleaning, has a plaque in their home that reads "Simplify", and each time life gets stressful we look at that and remember that if our surroundings are organized we can focus on the important things in  life. We realized, at an early age that the way to de-stress is to de-clutter. This led us to think that if organizing helps relieve stress in our own life, that it can do the same for others...and Honest2Goodness House Cleaning and Organizing was born!

Amanda has eleven years of experience organizing programs for various nonprofit organizations. Using her innate organizing skills, she has built programs from the ground up making each one successful. Every job she has held has required different skills, but all have utilized her exceptional organizing abilities. Through her experience, she has learned that sometimes we just need to look at things from a different angle to learn what works best for us!

Sheila and Amanda love working together as a team and with people to help them feel a sense of accomplishment when their spaces, and by extension, their lives are finally streamlined and simplified. We know that clutter can creep up on us slowly, but often causes a great deal of stress and certainly consumes valuable time and energy.

Located in Waconia MN, Honest2Goodness offers efficient, House Cleaning, and personal organizing services for busy and disorganized women, men, couples and individuals by helping them get a handle of the mountains of overflow in their homes.

Honest2Goodness helps people eradicate clutter in their homes, offices and storage units to eliminate stress and free up space.

There is a huge cost emotionally, physically and monetarily to living in disarray. So many of us live in a place of overwhelm, by our schedules, our chore lists and our "to do" lists. Honest2Goodness Professional Organizers aim is to free up the space around you, helping you to prioritize and enjoy life again.

Amanda and Sheila owner's of Honest2Goodness, understands the sentimental value of items as well as the burden of living in a consumer society. Our goal is to tame the mess by sorting and downsizing while organizing and maximizing space.  Our team of Professional Organizers can assist you today!

We work with our local church, and helps raise awareness about the environment. Amanda and Sheila help you keep your home clean and  free of clutter, in a green, smart manner. We get you thinking globally, and acting locally by purging and recycling items you no longer need. Since 2012 ,Honest2Goodness has been helping people organize, recycle, and reclaim their homes with our knack for recreating space and centering their homes.